Bins of AMOR

Installation program of garbage bins in public places.

Today, there is a lack of public garbage bins across the cities as in public places, which require users to travel long distances for disposal. Another important aspect of the waste management challenges is the lack of environmental awareness of the population whom for a large part is used to throw its small waste on the floor in public spaces.

Considering this, AMOR designed the program ” Bins of AMOR “. This program of cleaning, waste management and environmental education was conceived for one of the most important tourist areas of the city of Maputo: the beach of Miramar (opposite the Conference Centre Joaquim Chissano) to the beach of the Costa do Sol zone. It aims to ensure the effective management of solid waste with the support of sponsors that can advertise their brand in advertising space placed on top of the bucket. We want to create clean portions that have three garbage bins installed and one agent that performs cleaning, rerouting recyclable waste for recycling through Ecopoints Network and waste non-recyclable to the trash.

Even if initially Bins of AMOR project was one of the main objectives to promote the management of waste on the beaches, it appeared to us that the waste problem is important not only for the users of the beaches but also for the whole society. Thus, AMOR started the placement of garbage bins in other public places as gardens, parks, fairs, roads and other preferred places funder. Furthermore, in order to change the image of waste, we also ask artists to decorate the buckets. In the grounds of FEIMA in Maputo (handicraft market), the buckets painting was done through a competition among artists. Those who made the most beautiful bucket were rewarded. A similar initiative was developed in Vilankulo.
This painting can be done also by children from schools and kindergartens in interactive activities with fun and educational guidance by AMOR.

Bins of AMOR project sheet


Public spaces, Mozambique.


• Cleaning the beach and public spaces
• Reduction of waste in the city streets
• Social Recycling waste
• Environmental awareness and protection

Project’s cost

For a 1 bucket’s installation with collection and cleaning service during a year: between $ 250 (for buckets purchased by batch) and $ 1250 (for individual buckets)


12 months of contract, with installation in the first month and collected throughout the year


Keep clean spaces, changing the image of waste


Improve the environmental quality of public spaces through daily cleaning associated with the installation of attractive garbage bins, and waste management and collection, as well as educational activities.


• Installation of garbage bins in public spaces
• Daily cleaning and collection by cleaning agents
• Awareness campaign on environmental protection
• Program Disclosure


• Users of public spaces
• Cleaning agents (Collectors formalized as cleaning agents, waste collectors)
• Company sponsor (advertising, marketing, RSE)

Expected results

• Reducing Waste
• Public spaces revitalization
• Improvement of public spaces and their users’ welfare
• Creating jobs
• Behaviour changes against polluting habits and for a better environment preservation
• Visibility of social responsibility partner

Implementers and partners

• AMOR- Mozambican Association of Recycling
• Partner / sponsor
• Municipal Councils


• A clean city without waste, with garbage bins close to the users
• Waste collection, public spaces cleaning and sale of recyclable waste by cleaning agents, thus improving their living conditions

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