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You are interested to support our activities to promote recycling around Mozambique and in the world, there are various ways:


We use to say that if you want to change the world, change yourself first.
We need information, education and experience to change ourself to be a better human being, more respectfull of what nature provide to us.
We think that is possible by sharing informations, research, knowledge.
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As any plant needs water, any project needs money.

We have ambitious project, we like to innovate and take risk if we think innovation have potential to make a difference. However, innovations are often hard to finance : this is why we use our own funds, because fews financial institution are keen to experiment.
Help us to developp the ideas of today to change the world of tomorrow.

All our donation are secured by Paypal,.Please note that If you are a US-based donor, your donation can be deductible as AMOR has been has been vetted and approved to receive grants from CAF America.

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In 2017, we created a French National Association, “AMOR”, which is a representation of AMOR in France. The goal of this organisation is to find funds to support activities of AMOR in Mozambique.

The first project of AMOR France is called “1 Tricycle = 1 Job”. With a fundraising campaing, we’re looking for a way to provide tricycles to 10 young people in Beira to give them a way to get out povrety by themselves by collecting recyclables and sell them.
We created a AMOR page on the website “HelloAsso” where we can manage our fundraising campaing, our partnership, etc.
If you’re interesed to participat to this fundraising campaing, click on the button :

1 Tricycle = 1 Emploi

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