In March 2017, the “Environment and Citizenship” project was launched in 5 secondary schools in the Maputo City implemented by the Mozambican Association of Recycling with the support of AGIR-Program of Actions for Inclusive and Responsible Governance through WE EFFECT- Swedish Cooperative Center whose objective is to promote the awareness of citizenship in students so that they become proactive in society using the environmental side.
During the month of June, members of the environment and citizenship clubs participated in four (4) training sessions, namely:

• Lecture on citizenship addressing the subject in general and its application in the school environment as a way of knowing their rights and school duties, volunteering for candidacies and electoral campaign of the president, vice president and treasurer; Sensitization of students and cleaning agents to the Ecopoints on procedures for their use and conservation;

• Democratic elections of the representatives of the Clubs (President, Vice President and treasurer) simulating the electoral process, from the campaign to the voting; Explanation of the “Recicla, Ganha” contest as a way to encourage students to contribute to the quantity of solid waste in the Ecopoints (each school earns 2.00 Mtn in each kilogram, gifts and prizes offered by AMOR and partners);

• “Bracelets and Earrings” rubbish bin: we train club students in crafts by reusing solid waste by producing bracelets and earrings from PET bottles and scraps of capulana and used clothing;

• Projection of environmental education film “The Right Way” that reminds students of the importance of recycling and reuse due to the quantity of waste produced in the City of Maputo and Matola, and their discussion about the film; Explanation of the production process of PET bottles as a subsidy for the perception of the importance of reuse and recycling.

Environment and Citizenship