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Green areas and leisure in the area Chota

Chota is a suburban neighborhood of Beira municipality has about 6,000 inhabitants and an area subject to flooding and erosion. 10 years ago most of the neighborhood practiced rice culture that use to feed the few residents that were existed. Today the old farms are land used by locals to build homes in areas parceled out by the municipality. What is striking on the large expansion area of Chota is the obvious lack of trees in the streets and green areas such as gardens and squares. But we all know the importance of green areas and trees for the population’s well-being as well as to fight against erosion.

This project has a one year duration and aims to, on one hand, create green areas of recreation (gardens) and on the other hand, to plant trees on roadsides, as including the component of recycling, using for that purpose different glass bottles, plastic (PET) and tires to delimit the area of plants and beautifying public spaces. The partnership with the City is very important because they manage and plan the urban development.

The purpose of this project is to work directly with associations or local committees to implement the activities. The group formed will collect and / or receive certain types of recyclable materials such as tires, debris etc. that they will turn into leisure parks accessories assisted on technical level by the staff of AMOR. Thus, recyclable material is used to produce briquettes and games for creating parks and recreational areas. The planting will also be done by the community itself, which will be for both the beneficiaries and implementers of the project. Like so, the local population will be able to choose and contribute on how to revitalize its own living space.

To achieve sustainability, we will enable the association or the local Committee on seedling production and planting for subsequent sale of the same community at an affordable price. Once trained, the Committees can continue to produce and sell the seedlings to other neighborhoods in this way diffusing urban forestry. Synergies are also possible with the installation of a “Ecoponto” or buckets in the project model ” AMOR buckets.”

During the project will be produced a procedure guide on planting and seedling management and on objects production for recreational facilities. Sponsors and partners may have their image in this material as well as in Camisetes the project. We are still looking for partners and sponsors for the start of its implementation in Beira and we expect the Chota District experience to lead the project extension in other districts of the cities and the country.

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Cities of Beira-Bairro da Chota


• Urban planning, planting trees in the neighbourhood of Chota,
• Neighbourhood improvement with playing areas created by local groups,
• Creation of environmental sustainability in the neighbourhoods.

Project’s cost

USD 21 887


1 year


Improve environmental and social conditions in an expanding neighbourhood.


Increase the population’s self-esteem with the environmental conditions improvement in the neighbourhood through the implementation of different actions for which Inhabitant will be actors and beneficiaries


• Desenho do plano de urbanização com o Município
• Urbanization plan drawing with the Municipality
• Identification of green spaces and recreational areas implementation with the community and the local municipality
• Plantation of 200 seedlings along the roads
• Irrigation seedlings during two months
• Spaces Organization gardens in squares
• Plantation of different plant species in the identified locations.
• Organize the collection of recyclable material
• Use recycled materials to produce accessories for leisure areas
• Monitoring the various implementation activities

Implementers and partners

• AMOR – Mozambican Association of Recycling
• Municipal Council of Beira (CMB)


• The green, healthy, and sustainable neighbourhood of Chota with a population aware of the importance of having more trees and green spots in their neighbourhoods;
• A private sector committed to environmental conservation.

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