Our projects

Ecopoint Network

An Ecopoint is a center of collection and purchase of recyclaing waste. Concretly, AMOR capacited a local mozambicains associations which having a social impact for disable population for managing an Ecopoint (what kind of waste, how monitorated, etc.)

Bins of AMOR

We installed beautiful painted bins in specific urban place (beach, market, etc.). These bins are painted by local artist whithin a Art Contest we organized to promot art and health development for cities in Moçambique

Environment and Citizenship

We installed bins in school that School become an Ecopoint, a place where anybody could come and let his garbage. We created a Club of “Environnement and Citizenship” composed by 30 students, which are responsable of the Ecopoint, the sensibilisation and the manutention. We give them training and capacitation that they become Recycling Ambassador around their school and neighoord.

Biochar and Charcoal