Recycle with AMOR

If you are an household

in Maputo, Matola, Vilankulos or Beira and you wish to recycle, the first step is to separate your waste into the following categories:

  • Paper and cardboard : paper, newspapers, cardboard, books
  • Plastics : hard and soft plastics
  • Metal : cans, aluminium
  • Glass : bottles

Get a collection at home

Get in touch our partner company – RLR – Recolha de Lixo Reciclavel for a collection at your place, for only 150 Mt. This way, you will not only allow for waste recycling but you will also support young men doing waste collections with tricycles.

Mr.Langa :  + 258 84 64 37 924,
Maximum load: 25 kg, 1m3

Bring your separated recyclables to the Ecopoints

Find here a map to localize the Ecopoints in Maputo and Matola and here a map for to localize Ecopoints in Beira.

If you organize an event

If you organize an event and you would like the waste of your event to be correctly sorted and dispose, please contact us.

We will be happy to organize the waste management as well as workshops to teach your guests small objects to produce easily with what we call “waste”.

If you are a company or an institution

If you are a company or an institution willing to correctly dispose your waste, please contact  our  partner company  3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle through and +258 844 701 430 / +258 826 426 673

3R has an extensive experience of providing recycling services to small, medium and large size clients. Once the setup for recycling is installed, AMOR normally provides induction and awareness to the clients.