Green pages

AMOR is developing the “Green Pages” with which aims to promote and publish environmental initiatives in Mozambique. This
includes articles produced from waste or recyclable materials, services in the environmental field and all environmental actions is aimed at environmental conservation environmental awareness. The idea is that all those, working in the area and for
the environment have a space where they can publish their work enabling an exchange and synergies between the environmentalists and the general public.

Environment and recycling training

The training aims to empower specific groups (companies, public institutions from different sectors, communities, students, etc.) for the adoption of behaviours, attitudes and measures to mitigate the environmental problems from simple techniques. These are focused on (but not limited) Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of waste as the sustainable use of natural resources. Through the training we intend to provide different and simple tools and practices that encourage the environment protection and preservation.

Clean Beach

Concerned about the major problems related to the misuse of beaches , AMOR, in its partnership with the CMM, intends to develop the Clean Beach project in Maputo. The project idea is to bring together the different sectors of Mozambican society (public and private) in order to create synergies for the development of activities (commercial, sports, cultural, social …). Using its
experience with the placement of recycling containers and waste buckets to protect the coastal area we want to develop and improve this idea to also promote tourism and the sustainable and inclusive development of the beaches of the Costa de Sol.

Integrated solid waste management

If you are concerned with the management of solid and liquid waste and want to give an environmentally friendly destination to your trash, please contact our partner company 3R ( that provides integrated waste management services. Contact
+258 84 46 17 764.

If you only want to forward your recyclable waste to recycling points, you can contact the company RLR – Recyclable Waste Collection in person Mr. Francisco Langa:
+258 84 64 37 924

Other projects? Contact us to implement together!

If you have ideas and projects linked to Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of waste or other environmental ideas that you would like to implement, please contact us to see how we can support and participate in sustainable development in Mozambique.

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