AMOR – Mozambican Recycling Association under the Environment and Citizenship Project, financed by the European Union, implemented by the Mozambican Government through the Support Program for Non-State Actors (PAANE), which is being implemented in 10 secondary schools in the city of Beira for the Awareness of young people in environmental conservation and citizenship, making the students, positive actors for the communities and the country in general.

In July there were only two sessions of the CACs due to the periodic evaluations and school holidays. In the first week was the session on advertising and consumption in which it was intended to awaken the students to recognize the hidden messages in the publicity, to perceive how the publicity stimulates a lifestyle of consumerism and the consequent excessive production of the residues; Understand that limitless consumption puts too much pressure on people and natural resources and stimulate sustainable consumption.

And in the second week, which was the last week of classes for the second quarter, in this session the production of coin purses made with milk / juice boxes was practiced. This activity aims to promote recycling, Produce beautiful work and also promote the discussion of sustainable development.

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