AMOR – Mozambican Association of Recycling under the Environment and Citizenship Project, financed by the European Union, implemented by the Mozambican Government through the Support Program for Non-State Actors (PAANE), which is being implemented in 10 secondary schools in the city of Beira.The purpose of the project is to increase the expression of the citizenship of young people’s though the conservation of the environment, making the “garbage” in raw material to be reused and to consider recycling as a way of generating income as well as encouraging them to know how to exercise their duties and rights as citizens.

In May, AMOR continued its activities on the planning phases and evaluated the clean-up day.

On the first week, the hydrological cycle was discussed as a way to provide the CACs with knowledge about water and its importance for the human being, emphasizing that water is a common good of all humanity and its preservation, is a duty of each of us.

On the second week, an exercise was carried out to cultivate the self-esteem of the members of the CAC, whose objective was to make students aware of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution with respect to the dignity of the human person, showing that all are equal before the law. We discuss with the group about the importance of self-esteem for life and encourage CAC members to value themselves by knowing and exercising their rights and respecting others.

Also, the 1st Meeting of the CACs was held – for the holding of democratic elections of the general representatives at the level of the CAC schools in which the President, Vice-President and Secretary were elected. In addition to the elections, there was also a presentation and clarification of the formula for the classification of Green Points and the exchange of experience among CACs was promoted in relation to awareness, collaboration and involvement of the school in general.

In the last two weeks, the manual work was promoted in order to make CAC members understand the importance of Recycling, producing a bracelet by recycling plastic bottles and packaging of juice, milk, snack foods, etc. And elaborated the couplets allusive to the world day of environment.