In December of 2017, the Escola Primária Completa Unidade 13 concluded the school year with an event. In this school, AMOR was working with the “Project of Selective waste collection and Enviromental Education”, which is based on raising public awareness and educate them in terms of environmental education. At the event, it had different activities such as: typical and modern dance, chant, academic challenges and an exhibition of objects made by the students of the Enviromental Club, all of the objects were made of reused waste. Besides that, AMOR also exhibited objects made of reused waste and give a speech of good practices of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reused and Recycle).
During the same period, we were part of the meetings to manage the Let’s Do It Moz, a global civic movement which reached Mozambique in 2017. This it will be the biggest cleaning positive impact that the world ever watched, it wil happen at September 15th, 2018 in all over the country. For any other information, click in our facebook page: Lets Do It Mozambique