During the month of November, the Action Plans of the Citizenship and Environment Clubs were carried out under the “Environment and Citizenship” project in 5 secondary schools in Maputo, implemented by AMOR with the support of AGIR through WE EFFECT. Their objective is to promote citizenship awareness in students so that they become proactive in society using the environmental aspect. This month, the winning schools of the “Recicla Ganha” contest was announced during the closing event of the year. It presented the quantities of waste collected during the contest and different activities like dance, song and poetry organized by the members of the clubs. Eduardo Mondlane Secondary School was the winner, with Polana Secondary School ranked 2nd and Secondary School Red Star Altogether, in total 1681kg of paper, metal and plastic were collected this year, most of which happened to be paper with a total of 1239kg collected. Within the framework of the same project, AMOR in Maputo city set up an ecological Christmas tree in Zimpeto neighborhood, on November 29, 2017, about 4m high, having reused approximately 3000 PET bottles collected in schools.

In the framework of the partnership with General Electrics, AMOR held a cleaning day on the 4th of November in a 300m plot at the beach of Costa de Sol with the objective of promoting cleanliness and awareness for the use and conservation of the sea and the environment in genera. During this event, AMOR organized diferents activities like: waste collection, environmental education, re-use workshop, educational play about solid waste management and gymnastics. At the end of the day, fifty-five bags with 50 kg capacity were collected, containing broken bottles, PET bottles, cans and common trash. About 100 people attended the event, including: General Electrics employees accompanied by their children, students from the Environment Clubs of Primary Schools Units 13 and 29, representatives of the Environmental and Citizenship Clubs-CACs, beach vendors, AMOR employees.

Then, in the street of Nachingwea 494, on the 18th of November was held the event entitled “Beyond the City Cement-Digital Solutions for Problems of the Informal” organized by UX, Maputo Fast Forward 2017 who invited AMOR. The objective of the event was to make society aware of the peripheral Maputo and explore solutions using technology, and exposed a physical scenario that makes us travel to the peripheral neighborhoods around the themes of gastronomy, Urban Waste Management problems, urban scenery exposed through photos, music and more.
Also in November, as part of the “Project for Selective Collection and Environmental Education in Primary School Unit 13”, which aims to develop awareness-raising activities and activities related to environmental education in (EPC) Primary School Unit 13, Chamanculo neighborhood, implemented since June 2017 by AMOR with the support of the AVSI Fundation, a recapitulation of the handicraft sessions was carried out where bags were made with juice packs, bracelets with PET bottles and bags with magazines.
Meanwhile, in the framework of the project “Biocarvão in Vilankulos” AGIR support through WE EFFECT whose objective is to increase the resilience of the small farmers of Vilankulo through the use of improved and not improved biochar in their fields thus increasing the productivity and longevity of the farms reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers, continues the monitoring of the groups in the improvement and application of biochar.

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