AMOR – Mozambican Association of Recycling under the Environment and Citizenship Project, financed by the European Union, implemented by the Mozambican Government through the Support Program for Non-State Actors (PAANE), which is being implemented in 10 secondary schools in the city of Beira for the raising awareness of young people in environmental conservation and citizenship, making the students positive actors for the communities and the country in general.

In the first week of September we had as activities with the CACs the production of vases with glass bottles whose material was: Paints, dyes, Scissors, Adhesive tape, Glass bottles, old newspapers and brushes.
This activity had as objective to produce beautiful works and to promote the discussion of the sustainable development.

In the second week, the following material was discussed: 5 plastic caps, 5 PET bottles, 5 milk packs, 5 glass pots, 5 disposable cups, the objective was to sensitize CACs on the importance of proper handling of solid waste so that they can see that solid waste causes serious environmental problems when are not managed sustainably.
Where the dry garbage exposition was made in the middle of the large group, each participant was invited to choose one of the elements of the garbage; which were then divided into groups according to the chosen waste – the group of caps, the group of bottles, etc. The following questions were raised for the group: Decomposition time; Impact caused; Packaging label analysis; Is it over consumed? What would be the option for reuse of the material?
Also in the second week of September on the 16th, the second meeting of the CACs took place, with the participation of the focal points, where a general evaluation of the activities in the schools was made this year and suggestions were also made to promote a new dynamics within CACs.

In the 3rd week the Paper Recycling (ecological bag) was produced, where ecological bags were produced with old newspaper whose material used was: newspaper, a tube of glue, two strips of cloth, two strips of cardboard and a cardboard box . This activity aimed to raise awareness about the use of sustainable products, so that they can learn to make their own shopping bags, thus avoiding the use of plastic bags.

On the 4th and last week of the month, DEDICATION and THE SELFIE OF CITIZENSHIP were made, where colored boards, fasteners or glue and markers were needed, with the following objectives: To encourage young people to fully exercise their rights and duties, public policies and other basic notions of citizenship, through a differentiated education methodology that values freedom in participation.
In the Mural of the Citizenship, each club made its mural, in which each student manifested itself by placing a message on the mural.
In the Selfies of Citizenship, we invited students to take a self holding a card with a citizenship theme (health, education, transportation, security, senior citizen, child, etc.) to spread on social networks.