In March 2017, the project “Environment and Citizenship” was launched in 5 secondary schools in the City of Maputo implemented by the Associação Moçambicana de Reciclagem with the support of of Actions for Inclusive and Responsible Governance through WE EFFECT- Swedish Cooperative Center whose objective is to promote the awareness of citizenship in students so that they become proactive in society using the environmental aspect.
During the month of September, members of the environment and citizenship clubs participated in four (6) training sessions, namely:
1. Identification of problems related to solid waste management (GRS), focusing on the problems that can be solved by the Municipality and the Municipality as a way of diagnosing the state of waste management in the municipality;
2. Production of gift bags based on magazines, elucidating to CACs the importance of reuse and fortifying the motto “Garbage becomes luxury”;
3. Possible solutions for solving GRS problems identified in point 1., which constitute proposals for improvement of GRS by the Clubs, to be presented to the CMM;
4. Planting of seedlings in schools, where each CAC has planted 5 seedlings that should be cared for by them in order to contribute to the intensification of knowledge about the importance of planting trees for the environment;
5. In addition to the activities described above, a training session was held on the paper production process as a means of subsequently evaluating the benefits of paper recycling;
6. Allusive to the celebrations of the International Day for the Cleaning of Rivers and Beaches, the CACs together with the AMOR Team participated in Operação Caco LÍNGAMO second edition of environmental education action through the cleaning, in Matola A on September 16, 2017, a an initiative created and led by the Environmental Education Cooperative Ntumbuluku.

Note: The training sessions are accompanied by dynamic and educational games with the purpose of exchanging learning and relaxation. Also in September, under the “Project for Selective Collection and Environmental Education in Primary School Unit 13”, which aims to develop awareness-raising activities and activities related to environmental education in the Primary School Unit 13, Chamanculo neighborhood, implemented since June of this year by the Mozambican Association of Recycling – AMOR with the support of AVSI Fundation, gift boxes and wristbands based on PET bottles were produced as a way to intensify the knowledge about the importance of reuse. In recent weeks there have been lectures on the importance of selective collection and water saving.

2017 AMOR CACs na operação caco Maputo                      Clube de ambiente na operação caco