The end of the project Environment and Citizenship for the year 2017, implemented by AMOR – in 5 secondary schools in Maputo City covered by the project, namely: Josina Machel, Polana, Francisco Manyanga, Eduardo Mondlane and Estrela Vermelha, with the aim of promoting in the students awareness of citizenship so that they become proactive in society using the environmental side with the support of AGIR-Action Program for Inclusive and Responsible Governance through WE EFFECT-Swedish Cooperative Center.

We managed together with the CACs:

To develop various environmental activities such as the reuse of recyclable waste:

Produção de Carvão com papel                    2017 AMOR CAC Reduzir, Reutilizar e Reciclar

Projecto Ambiente e Cidadania                      carteiras tetra pack
We plant seedlings and fruit trees in schools

2017 AMOR CAC Plantio de mudas           2017 AMOR CAC plantiio de mudas
Through the school ecoponto recycle approximately 1700kg of metal, paper and plastic

Ecoponto e Triciclo

And build a Christmas tree with the PET bottles collected at Roque Mission Square.

Placa arvore de natal                       2017 AMOR Árvore de natal
Make visits to the Municipal Assembly and the Directorate of Health and Cemeteries, to the Botanical Garden – Tuntunduru

2017 AMOR CAC CMM2017 AMOR CAC Visitam Direcção de Salubridade e Cemiterios2017 AMOR Visita dos CACs ao jardim botânico




Visiting and supporting the Don Orione Orphanage

2017 AMOR CAC Visita ao Orfanato Dom Orione

Elaborate 5 suggestions for the improvement of solid waste management in the city of Maputo.

Visita a Assembleia Municipal

Participate in environmental actions such as cleaning days.

2017 AMOR CAC na Jornada de Limpeza                        2017 AMOR Operação CACO

We reward schools according to the quality of waste separation

Premios CACs

We offer a certificate of participation for members of the CACs

2017 AMOR Certificados

Above all, we managed to make young people aware of being proactive in building a healthy environment and exercising citizenship. We now expect that environment and citizenship clubs will continue to be active in their schools and community.
We are grateful for the support of AGIR through WE EFFECT, the Maputo City Council, school boards, environmental and citizenship clubs and all those who directly and indirectly contributed to the success of this project.

Together we are stronger!