The Mozambican Association of Recycling since March 2017 is implementing the Environment and Citizenship project in 5 secondary schools in Maputo, namely: Josina Machel, Polana, Francisco Manyanga, Eduardo Mondlane and Estrela Vermelha which  objective is to promote awareness among students Of citizenship so that they become proactive in society using the environmental side with the support of AGIR- Program of Action for Inclusive and Responsible Governance through WE EFFECT-Swedish Cooperative Center.

During the course of May 2017, the students of the Environment and Citizenship clubs had 4 training sessions, namely:

– Lecture on the use of ecopoints for students, signing regulations and collecting student lists; Raising students’ awareness about recycling in the hours of concentration for the National Anthem intonation, larger intervals and collecting the lists of clubs in coordination with the responsible teachers;

– Presentation of the project and creation of the clubs; Official presentation of the AMOR team and the Environment and Citizenship project to the students of the clubs; Were trained in solid waste management in the field of recycling with the introduction of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle);

– “Tetra Pack” portfolios: to teach club students to value waste by making portfolios from juice or milk packets; A way of enabling them in knowledge of handicrafts by reusing recyclable waste contributing to sustainability;

– Visit of technicians of the Office of Civic Education and Environmental Promotion of the Municipality of Maputo and We Effect. The technicians talked about solid waste management policy and MOPA-Participative Monitoring which is a digital platform for monitoring and evaluation of solid waste collection services in the neighborhoods of Maputo City through the code * 311 # and through an application that Is downloaded at

In addition to these activities, clubs were also given T-shirts, focal points (Teachers), cleaners and school principals.