Who we are?

Our Mission

Due to the significant increase in waste produced by a rapidly growing population, waste management has become a major problem in Mozambique, where the waste is poured without any recycling treatment in the cities waste deposit. Faced with this situation, the Mozambican Association of Recycling (Associação MOçambicana de Reciclagem – AMOR) was born in 2009, created by Mozambican environmentalists and international recycling specialists, to promote and organize a social recycling of solid waste throughout the country.

Our strategy

Creating a favorable environment for recycling in Mozambique needs a global approach that we divided into 4 goals to achieve:

  • Support to the legal framework and the implementation of mechanisms to sustain recycling;
  • Assistance and support in the creation of Ecopoints as well as collection and treatment infrastructures;
  • Creation of synergies between public and private sectors and civil society;
  • Promotion of citizenship and participatory governance for sustainable urban management.

On that base, our activities are organized in the following 4 pilars:

  • Infrastructure building and promotion  : support to existing activities and capacity building in recycling;
  • Awareness raising : within schools, universities and civil society;
  • Advocacy and lobby : national as well as municipal legislation;
  • Added-value process : promotion of existing initiatives and innovation.

Vision and Values

Our vision is a Clean, healthy and prosperous Mozambique with a circular and inclusive economy for sustainable development

To reach this vision, we consider that the following values are fundamental for a real sustainable growth. We use them as a base to elaborate our strategies and projects:

  • Sustainability
  • Inclusive Development
  • Citizenship
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Humanism and respect
  • Non-discrimination
  • Information Sharing


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