AMOR – Mozambican Association of Recycling under the Environment and Citizenship Project, financed by the European Union, implemented by the Mozambican Government through the Support Program for Non-State Actors (PAANE), which is being implemented in 10 secondary schools in the city of Beira for awareness of young people in the conservation of the environment, making the “waste” in raw material to be reused and to consider recycling as a way of generating income as well as encourage them to know how to exercise their duties and rights as citizens.

In April, CAC’s revitalization activities continued in the schools, forming the leadership of the CACs, through democratic elections of the representatives of the CACs where it was elected (President, Vice President, Treasurer). We tried to do the civic education and explanation about procedures in electoral events in plenary and formed the electoral commission, It was made the registration of candidates, presentation of electoral manifesto by the candidates, the polling station was constituted, Results were cleared and finally presentation and speech of the elected. After the elections, we did a CAC training on leadership where we use Dynamics: Let’s shake hands? On what:

  1. The group forms a wheel, all hand in hand.
  2. Ask everyone to memorize who holds their right and left hand.
  3. Then everyone releases their hands and starts walking randomly around the room;
  4. Suddenly, you ask everyone to stop and not leave the current places;
  5. Then ask everyone to join hands with their original pairs.
  6. A “cake of people” will form.
  7. They will have to pass over each other, lie on the floor, get up etc … it’s worth everything, it’s not worth giving up …
  8. The goal is to re-form the original circle without letting go of their hands at the end of this dynamic the members should be sensitized about teamwork; Know Leading; Know how to organize the time and space and to strengthen the participants to know how to think about new activities for the CAC, that is, to give the members of CACs on the behavior and functioning of the group and on planning to better organize their activities. And as a way to make the planning effective, the 7 de Abril Cleaning Day was planned, scheduled and scheduled and then the event was evaluated as a way to close the planning cycle. Also in this month was the delivery of Recycling Kit for the 2016 participation prize.