Words From the President

Dear. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear. Partners,

AMOR – Associação Moçambicana de Reciclagem (Mozambican Association of Recycling) – was established in September 2009 to promote and organize the recycling of waste while struggling agains urbain poverty in Mozambique. Everyday more people are concerned with what humanity calls “garbage” and willing to change their relationship with our environment.

The development of recycling proves its relevance and power as one of the strongest tools of the “circular economy” with numerous positive impacts on social, economic areas and environmental. In Mozambique, today, together with our partners, we recycle approximately 400t / month of waste produced, involving more than 1,500 formal and informal participants. However, there is still a lot to achieve in order to make recycling in Mozambique a more present reality.

The project catalog of 2017 introduce the mains projects of AMOR, the projects that need support as well as ongoing projects and our references in the past. As you will see, AMOR seeks to develop sustainable projects economically viable and autonomous, with communities, schools, the private sector, the municipalities and the central government.

However, it is not always easy and the funds are often lacking, because unfortunately, the actual profit of recycling is maintained abroad: today, 90% of the waste recycled in Mozambique is only packed and compressed within the country before exportation. Thus, only when a national industry will be created, will we have a strong recycling sector, consistent and comparable to the ones in emerging country like Brazil or India

For this to happen, there is a need to create a favorable environment to ensure the sustainability of the recycling activity and promote partnerships with the authorities, the private sector and society civil. Hence the participation of AMOR in creating the company 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, a social enterprise dedicated to the creation of recycling added value in the country and providing integrated waste management services.

Through our actions, we hope to show here our vision of “social recycling” and we call for synergies and partnerships with business and industry on their social responsibility policy, cooperation agencies, national and international organizations, and financial institutions to provide Mozambique with a model of innovative and successful waste recycling, with enhanced social impact. “

The President,
Stephane Temperman