As part of the “Ambiente e Cidadania” project in 5 secondary schools in Maputo City implemented by the Mozambican Recycling Association with the support of AGIR-Action Program for Inclusive and Responsible Governance through WE EFFECT-Swedish Cooperative Center whose objective is to promote in the students the awareness of the citizenship so that they become proactive in the society using the environmental side.

During the month of October, members of the environment and citizenship club participated in four (4) sessions of skills and crafts to mention:

  1. Introduction to the concept of politics and Disclosure Concept of the “Recicla e Ganha” Contest as a grant to reinforce citizenship knowledge;
  2. Paper-based coal production (in 2 weeks) as a way to strengthen reuse knowledge and alternatives to reduce tree felling;
  3. Training of Club members on theater techniques of the oppressed as a means of social intervention to change attitudes;
  4. Preparation of CAC’s action plans.

Parallel to these activities the representatives of the CACs visited the Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Health and Cemeteries Department where they had the opportunity to find out about its operation and clarify doubts about the services provided. Another visit was made to the Botanical Garden with the purpose of knowing the rich collection of the diversity of trees, shrubs and flowers for the contribution of the improvement of the environment.

Also in October, as part of the ” Projecto de Recolha Selectiva e Educação Ambiental na Escola Primária Unidade 13 “, which aims to develop awareness-raising activities and activities related to environmental education in the Primary School Unit 13, Chamanculo neighborhood, implemented since June 2017 by AMOR with support from the AVSI Fundation, lectures on the importance of trees and newspaper-made pots were given as a way of intensifying knowledge about the importance of re-use.

We participated in the FICA – Immigrant Culture and Art Festival that welcomed people from various nationalities such as: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Brazil, China, India, Portugal, France, Holland, Belgium among others, where AMOR on its stand exhibited and made handmade activities through the reuse of solid waste for children and adults and exhibited awareness posters.

Finally, as part of the project “Biocarvão in Vilankulos”, we support the WE EFFECT-Swedish Cooperative Center whose aim is to increase the resilience of Vilankulo’s small farmers through the use of improved and unproven biochar in their farms, thus increasing productivity and longevity of machambas reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers, in October the improvement of the biochar for the small farmers to use in their fields where 7 groups improved the biochar with bovine manure and 3 group with guano (bat feces).

      2017 10 AMOR Aprimoramento de Biocarvão com estrume e guano    2017 10 28 AMOR Exposição festival fica  2017 AMOR Visita dos CACs a Assembleia Municipal