Creative Solutions

Creation of clothes and fashion articles from waste

This project is directly linked with the anterior project of handicraft promotion, with a fashion approach and creation of clothes. The project aim to select 30 young in 10 schools of Maputo and Matola, from 16 to 23 years old with a strong interest about fashion and design, with special focus on women.

They will receive a short formation on sewing and cutting, which will allow them to participate on clothes creation contest with old material and wastes. In addition to theses youths, a group of 10 collectors could be included to participate to both, the formation and the contest.

At the end of the contest, a parade will be organized about the theme “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle more!” Each designer would have to find people among his entourage to participate to the parade. In that way, the project will promote an other type of fashion accessible for anyone and not only for models from magazines.

A special gift will be deliver to the bests designers, by a jury composed of fashion professionals. The press will be involved from the beginning to the end of the project, specially the TV, to get more visibility and arouse public expectation. A weekly projection on TV will be diffuse to follow the progression of each participant. The workers will also be filmed in order to promote these people who are often marginalized by the mozambican society. The documentary will be showed in the schools involved in the project « Recycle and Win » but more broadly, it will be used for spread the practical tools and the philosophy of 3R.

Specifically, the project pretends to:
• Stimulate youths and young women with creative ideas
• Provide tools to waste collectors for them to create new products out of recyclable materials
• Spread the 3R philosophy in the student community
• Reduce the amount of waste deposited at the municipal dump
• Promote a new Mozambican view on waste management and his workers, formal and informal

Creative solutions project sheet


Cities of Maputo e Matola


Innovative and creative Solutions

Project’s cost

USD 14 050 (excluding the media production and diffusion by press, which will be possible though partnerships)


6 months


Promote a new life style in Mozambican society though environmental, creative and stylish solutions


Promote new income generation measures and solutions, in order to reduce the waste problem


• Selection of 30 youths in 15 schools
• Selection of 10 collectors
• Selection of teachers and jurys
• Training in sewing and cutting
• Confection of clothes
• Realization of a parade and clothes presentation
• Awarding the bests designers
• Media coverage of the all process
• Production of movie/ documentary

Implementers and partners

• AMOR – Mozambican Association of Recycling
• Young and scavenger
• Social Communication organ
• Fashion Professional


The Mozambican society has a better vision and consideration for waste values and the workers of this area.

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